Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Picnic

  I hope everyone had a wonderful Long Weekend! 

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Happy Canada Day!
    Most of us have memories that go back before "Canada Day" and before the red and white maple leaf flag.  Do you remember the long weekend at the start of Summer being "Dominion Day"?  Our kids won't know what we're talking about. Just as the last time I heard the "Confederation Day" moniker was when we celebrated the "Centennial", our countries 100th birthday.  (Now it's remembered as the name we proudly put on a new sports arena that half a century later has seen better days.) Yup.  It's all talking about the same day,  July 1, starting in 1867.
    You can change the name, but it remains the celebration of our country's birthday,  144 years ago, now.
    Speaking of birthdays.  We haven't forgotten our neighbour's birthday, either.

    The Fourth of July was a success for us this year.  We don't wear Red, White and Blue, but  "We the people" of the Moving Forward Group planned and executed a memorable Picnic across the street in the park.  Summer is now officially here. 
 We weren't many, 9 attended, including an 18 month grandchild, but we were mighty.  Each of us had a food to bring and share; we had potato salad, two kinds of sandwiches,  egg and tuna, fruit pieces, cheese and crackers, tablecloths, cutlery, plates and napkins, vegetables and dip and Strawberry short cake. What more could we want?  We were in wheel chairs, walkers, canes and better.  Even the weatherman (who lies every time his mouth moves) promised thunder showers.  We could not be phased.  We made the thunder hold off until we were ready to leave at 3:00 pm. and then the skies opened but we didn't care. The lightning was our Canadian Fire Works.
    We played Bocce Ball and the winner was Jimmy Lee from his wheel chair.  Your tosses were straight and true Jimmy. Congratulations! 
    Our next meeting will not be until July 18th.

A special thanks to Bev our Guest Blogger for this week! Good job on the post Bev!!

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