Thursday, August 18, 2011

Movie Day Reviews

by Bev

Dan in Real  Life  (Story)

Dan is a widower and father of three girls.  On his way to a big family gathering he meets a woman who he falls for only to find out later that day that it’s his brother’s new girlfriend, who was delaying going to the same weekend get-together.  Let the awkwardness ensue.

Hidalgo   (Story)
Frank T. Hopkins and his top endurance race horse, Hidalgo, are challenged to run the “Ocean of Fire”, a 3000 mile race across the deserts of Arabia to prove that they are the best.  In harsh conditions that neither are prepared for and through multiple attempts on both their lives these thrilling adventurers do not disappoint.
Consensus was that “Dan in Real Life”  was a very enjoyable afternoon and remains the one we recommend to watch,  “Hidalgo” was, however,  received with less enthusiasm.  There were only five of us in attendance, but  the overwhelming feeling was that it was a good story, but could have been told in a shorter or more exciting way.  The movie was “slow” for a horse race.

 We wait for some of your suggestions for future movies.  Having a choice of two or more is always good to accommodate everyone’s taste and past viewed titles.


  1. Thanks for the reviews Bev. I am sorry I missed the second movie; it sounds like it was a really fun afternoon.

    I vote for a comedy almost every time!

  2. Go for a Christmas movie, Rare Exports, its now on Netflix.